The Emergency Response application is a reference demo that showcases the Power of Communities. The target user of the demo are Red Hat Solution Architects, Consultants and Red Hat Partners.

The Emergency Response application clarifies how the accelerating pace of open-source innovation can be harnessed today in a supported, enterprise manner for your customer’s line of business in a hybrid-cloud environment. Mission critical applications that your customer’s business relies on can be built and run on open-source innovation TODAY.

The Emergency Response demo application is a treasure chest of technical insight and best practices. It entails a micro-service, event driven architecture using the products that comprise Red Hat’s Unified Application Environment.

Red Hat Middelware

It is deployed to and scales horizontally on the premier hybrid cloud platform for enterprise business workloads: Red Hat OpenShift Container Platform.

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Demo Scenario

In August 2017, Hurricane Harvey caused massive flooding in Southeast Texas, USA. The storm left a number of residents stranded and in need of rescue. Emergency first responders were overwhelmed with the high volume of rescue calls. A loose-knit group of volunteer boaters assisted in the rescue effort. These volunteers explored neighborhoods seeking out residents who needed assistance. In addition, with the support of social media, a group of volunteers served as dispatchers to relay rescue requests to the volunteer boaters. This group of volunteers became known as the Cajun Navy. The Cajun Navy has been operating in various forms since Hurricane Katrina in 2005.

volunteer boaters stock photo

A similar community-driven, collaborative approach has been used to develop the demo application and maintain it going forward.

Demo Solution

The Emergency Response Demo application is inspired by the Cajun Navy response from Hurricane Harvey. It provides an online demo that simulates the collaboration between stranded residents and volunteer responders. In addition, it allows for your audience to participate in this simulation of rescuing their stranded neighbors.